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Tweed Heads, NSW



Tweed Heads is a town located on the Tweed River in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia in Tweed Shire. Tweed Heads is located next to the border with Queensland, adjacent to the "Twin Town" of Coolangatta, a suburb of the Gold Coast. It is often referred to as a town where you can change time zones - even celebrate New Year twice within an hour - simply by crossing the street, due to its close proximity to the Queensland border, and the fact that New South Wales observes daylight saving whereas Queensland does not.


Tweed Heads was once connected to the Queensland Railways system, providing a direct connection to Brisbane. The site of the station has been converted to parklands and commercial development.


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Tourist destinations

Given its close proximity with the tourist area of Gold Coast, Tweed Heads has a shared economy with Coolangatta based heavily on tourism. Some of Tweed Heads' most popular tourist destinations include Mount Warning, which is one of the largest shield volcanoes in the Southern Hemisphere, only slightly smaller than Banks Peninsula. Other popular tourist destinations are the surrounding Nightcap, Border Rangers, Springbrook and Lamington National Parks, in which there is an abundance of sub-tropical animals.



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Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia.

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